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Well+Good NYC Features Revitalive Juice Cleanses

Apparently New England exports more than just chowda'. This Massachusetts-based raw, vegan cafe and juice cleanse company just expanded its delivery to include the five boroughs of New York City. read more

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The Living Maxwell Visits Revitalive

Last week, I was in Boston and took a trip about an hour north to go check out an organic restaurant called Revitalive.

While I hadn't been to the restaurant before, I have ordered their pressed organic juice in the past and wrote about them in December. I was incredibly impressed that they use sprouts in their juices, something that very few people do.

As far as an organic restaurant goes, this place is outstanding. The two women who own and operate Revitalive, both of whom trained at The Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico, know what they are doing. Period.

Here are a few things that I had for lunch.


Chronicle Features Revitalive Cafe Wraps & Sandwiches!

Check out Revitalive Cafe on Chronicle!

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. - Lunch can be limiting for people who can't eat gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, and other related products. Revitalive Cafe in Newburyport offers 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free items from snacks to sweets to sandwiches. There are even fresh pressed juices and good-for-you smoothies. Read more:


Northshore Magazine announces Revitalive Cafe as EDITORS' CHOICE 2012 Best Vegetarian

It's official! Thank you to all of our supporters for voting for us! We are so humbled and honored to be recognized as the best vegetarian cafe on the north shore!


Northshore Magazine announces Revitalive Cafe as READERS' CHOICE 2011 Best Vegetarian

It's official! Thank you to all of our supporters for voting for us! We are so thrilled to offer you the most nutritious, delicious food on the planet. It is an honor to be in this community and serve all of you. Thanks again from the bottom of our heart.


Boston Magazine awards Revitalive Cafe Best of Boston 2010

This raw vegan cafe gets surprisingly creative without using gluten, soy, refined sugar, honey, grains, mushrooms, or animal products. Try their Falafel Hero - spicy falafel seed-patties, pickled turnip, raw pickles, zucchini hummus, lettuce, and tomato in a flax tortilla - or a Mango Dream smoothie.


Boston Globe awards Revitalive Cafe Best of the New 2010

Revitalive Cafe

Serving breakfast and lunch, the Newburyport cafe features such creative — and tasty — dishes as “meetballs and marinara" (made of sprouted almonds and sun-dried tomatoes) and “mock tuna salad,” in which pumpkin seeds and sea veggies actually pass for StarKist on rye. The raw pumpkin pie, however, takes the pseudo-cake. read more


Boston Globe mentions Revitalive Cafe as a healthy restaurant destination

Newburyport's Revitalive Cafe also specializes in raw, vegan food. It's an offshoot of Revitalive Health & Wellness, a center where one can learn about the raw food diet or take part in cleansing programs. Co-owner Anna Forkan calls the cafe's offerings "raw fast food": salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and desserts. "We wanted it to be inexpensive and fast," she says. "Our goal is to have everything under $15."

Smoothies may be the raw diet's gateway food. Revitalive Cafe is located in a mall. "All the business owners were coming in every day and getting smoothies and losing weight," Forkan says. "They start feeling better, then they get curious, then they might want to take a class. It's a cool mix. We get a lot of people from the wellness center who we've been working with, vegans who know they have to seek out places to eat, and then just random, everyday people." read more


Revitalive Cafe via

What makes the cafe unique?
Everything on our menu is raw and living foods, vegan and gluten free. We support local farms and seek out the very best organic ingredients from socially and environmentally conscious suppliers. We refrain from using gluten, soy, refined sugar, honey, mushrooms and all animal products. All our packaging is compostable or reusable. And we're housed in the solar-powered Tannery building - very green, and very much in keeping with our philosophy! read more


Newburyport's Revitalive Cafe via

Before you knock it as a left-over hippie fad, consider that eating raw has been around since the birth of humanity. Modern day raw foodists, however, rally around the purported health benefits: increased energy, weight loss, improved sleep, and even a reversal of some more serious health conditions. read more


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Few people escape the engines of modern life: a morning cup of coffee to emerge from the daze and a glass of wine at night to return into the fog.

Anna Forkan and Kristen Overlock, the owners of Revitalive Health & Wellness, stay clear of both. They have also bid farewell to meat, fish, dairy and anything else that’s not part of the raw food diet of organic unprocessed and uncooked plant food. A combined 140 pounds lighter and free from ailments that crippled body and spirit, they now share their knowledge to help others adopt new lifestyles one meal at a time. read more


Hold the cooking - Local eateries cater to raw food diets via

After all, before man invented fire, raw food was the only food. But the cavemen's nuts and berries didn't have quite the same gourmet flair you can find around Newburyport here in the 21st century.

When you think raw foods, don't think undercooked steak and sushi. Raw foods include any food that is unprocessed and kept under 112 degrees so enzymes and the food's makeup aren't compromised. read more