Bulk Pantry

All of our desserts are vegan, naturally gluten-free and made using nuts, seeds, dried fruit and natural sweeteners like coconut sugar. Our desserts change less often than some of the other menu items that are subject to the climate, time of year and other factors, but we are still always looking to add new and healthy options for our customers. We like to use fresh naturally sweet ingredients in our desserts such as coconut, maple syrup and dates and even out the sweetness with a bit of sea salt. These tasty healthy treats are part of our raw food and juice cleanses (Reset and Restore) also. 

Please note: Desserts are not available for purchase individually online at this time, they are only available to pick-up in-store. You may order by phone or visit us. Call our Juice Hotline at 1-855-juice2u to order ahead of time.