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  • Do you make everything fresh?
     Yes, our chef and kitchen staff make everything fresh just for you the day BEFORE you start your cleanse. We prepare juices and foods as      
     orders are placed to ensure freshness and maximum nutrition.
  • How many fruits and veggies will I be consuming a day?

    Roughly 12-15 pounds per day! That's why we juice it. Imagine trying to chew all those vegetables.

  • Do I have to be vegan to do these cleanses?

    No! These programs are intended for our clients to feel better no matter what your eating habits are. 

  • How often can I do the cleanses?

    Many of our clients opt to cleanse weekly, monthly or seasonally. It's totally up to you and what your goals are.  Our beginer cleanse is more like a daily eating plan that is great to use between juice only cleanses.

  • Will I lose weight from cleansing?

    The results vary for each individual. Our goal at Revitalive is to help our customers jump start a healthier diet and attain their 5 servings of fruit and veggies each day.  Some people do lose weight during a cleanse.

  • What if I am hungry during the cleanse?

    That is perfectly normal and we suggest eating more fruits and more veggies throughout the day to help you transition. Herbal teas are helpful too!

  • Will I like the food?

    We have found that most people really enjoy the juices and foods prepared by our chefs, but sometimes customers may be unfamiliar with certain flavors and foods.  We suggest having an open mind to tastes and textures you may never have experienced. Sometimes our bodies are not used to the way food tastes in its most natural state. Your tastebuds shift after cleansing a couple days and you may be surprised that you actually begin to crave these SUPER nourishing foods!

  • Will I get a headache during the cleanse?

    It depends on what your diet and lifestyle has been prior to starting the cleanse. We don't recommend drinking alcohol or eating really heavy foods the day before you begin. If you can reduce caffeine consumption and increase your water intake a few days before, you may have better results.

  • Can I work while on the cleanse?

    Absolutely! We can even deliver to your office. Since our cleanses are very well balanced, most of our clients choose to work during their  cleanse.

  • Can I exercise during the cleanse?

    Yes, but we recommend a lighter, gentler workout since you will be consuming less calories than normal. If that is not possible, then we recommend adding in some extra fresh fruit, veggies and/or nuts and seeds.