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Our delicious 100% organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan meals and juice cleanses are made with one simple goal. To balance your system with the purest nutrients and minerals that we can provide.

  • Looking for a satisfying way to detoxify? Try Beginner or Advanced RevitaCleanse , a combination of fresh juices and raw foods. We prepare and deliver all the juices, salads, soups and snacks –no clean up or prep needed!

    • 100% Organic, Fresh & Natural Ingredients
    • Vegan & Gluten-Free & Soy-free
    • Door-to-Door Delivery in the Boston Metro Area

    All our juices and raw foods are organic, made fresh and available for pick-up or delivery. Simply store them in the refrigerator!

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    >> Order an Intermediate Restore Cleanse

    >> Order an Advanced Revive Cleanse

  • Just Juice Cleanses

    Thinking about a juice fast? Need to gain more energy and focus? Consider our Just Juice Cleanses. Using a nutritional balance of local fruits and vegetables, we hand press our organic juices for maximum flavor and freshness. You receive 6 juices per day for a total of 18 juices. 

    • ●  100% Organic, Fresh-Pressed Juices
    • ●  Vegan, Non-Pasteurized & Gluten-Free
    • ●  Door-to-Door Delivery in the Boston Metro Area 

    Above all, we believe in making our juices fresh. No additives, no pasteurization, no waiting on shelves – just pure nutritional bliss from sources we trust.

    >> Order a Just Juice Cleanse

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  • Reset Cleanse

    What you'll get: 4 juices per day, 1 nutritional boost, 1 vegan entree per day, 1 soup per day, 1 raw vegan snack and 1raw vegan dessert per day.

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  • Restore Cleanse

    What you'll get: 4 juices per day, 2 nutritional boosts per day, 1 salad per day, 1 soup per day, 1 raw vegan dessert and 1 raw vegan snack.

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  • Revive Cleanse

    What you'll get: Sometimes you may want to make your own food or just opt for a juice fast. In this plan, we provide 6 juices per day.

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